9 Brain Hacks to Help You Learn and Remember Information

You may have heard that the brain is the most powerful computer known to man, and this is certainly true. While the latest computers can undertake many tasks while left to their own devices, they fail in comparison to the tasks our cerebrum can carry out at will whether your studying for university exams or your taking a CCNSG  safety passport training course your brain is the most powerful tool in your arsenal.

This isn’t to say that the brain can’t take a nose dive from time to time. Anyone who has been overworked and tired will be able to testify how difficult it is to try and concentrate when our brain is being starved of rest. However, not everyone is aware of just how to bring the calm to the storm when it all gets too much upstairs, and get our brains in fully-working order. The following tips will help those who may feel their focus of late is a little off-target.

Ensure You Write It Down

Whether you’ve been part of a training group or a boardroom meeting, it is likely that you will have taken notes at some point, on the assumption they are used for reference later. While this is true in part, you may not be aware that writing down information ignites a lot of receptors in relation to language and memory, making it more likely for you to absorb the information and remember it.

Do Something Different Over and Over

Those who procrastinate will normally be desperate for some magic formula that will have them firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, such efforts are normally unsuccessful, as the road to change starts small.

While it may not be realistic for someone to change the working methods overnight, undertaking small tasks you wouldn’t normally do and repeating the process teaches the brain to build new pathways in relation to your behaviour, and helps you become good at it. Plus, your small achievements will give you more confidence in what can be achieved once you put your mind to it.

Consider the Apps You Use

While it’s hard not to show love to established classics such as “Angry Birds” and “Candy Crush,” there are other apps that can help you better exercise the grey matter. While everyone has their own preference, a good search on your app store of choice will unveil numerous options to ensure your brain is getting the workout it deserves.

Pay Attention!

While this may seem like something of a no-brainer, it’s quite important if you want to start remembering the finer details. There are many of us who have the tendency to drift off while listening to information. While we may think we have got the information we need, it’s more likely that you will have forgotten some integral details. Giving people our undivided attention ensures that we’re not losing information en-route. And remember, if we write it down, we’re ensuring our brain is operating in the best way to process the information we’re given.

Exercise Frequently

While it may be obvious to some, not everyone is aware that simply moving your body is good for the brain as well as the body. Even if exercise is a relatively new concept to you, ensuring you get your limbs moving for 20 minutes will be enough to ensure that information your brain processes is done so with more clarity.

It’s also worth noting that exercise helps create new neural connections at a faster pace, making for more alertness and a higher concentration span.

Have a Break

Some of the avenues you must take to get your brain in gear can involve a lot of effort and concentration on your part, but fear not, it’s not all about giving your all. In fact, if your overdoing it, then it stands to reason that both your body and your brain can become tired. As such, there are times when we simply should take a break. Even a mere five minutes can help us ensure we’re retaining information and thinking more clearly as a result.

Break Up Cumbersome Information

Our failure to remember information isn’t always due to our brain not functioning correctly, but more how we deal with long-winded tasks. Anyone who has had to study for an exam will testify that regardless of what method is used, retaining information that is overbearing can be an overwhelming and stressful endeavour in some cases.

However, breaking up tasks into more manageable segments means that we’re not presenting ourselves with too much. We simply deal with the first lot of information, ensure we remember it, then move on to the next. Not only is the more palatable for the grey matter, but it also ensures we’re using a structure that will yield rewards when it comes to using our brain.

Maintain Relationships with Family and Friends

Many of us have been in the position of having to say no when asked to a family event or social gathering, because we’re simply too busy. However, you might be surprised to know that such events can help with bonding with others, which in turn can help us sculpt a sharper mind.

Even scientist agree that the brain is more likely to have a better recall when making an emotional bond with others.

Eat the Right Food

When trying to meet that all-important deadline, it’s easier for many of us to grab some food on the go. While there is nothing wrong with this in the short-term, opting for takeout on a more regular basis can mean that we’re not getting the vitamins and nutrients needs to help fuel our brainpower.

Fish and fruits will help your brain develop and perform in the right way. IF you fancy something a little sweeter, then a little bit of dark chocolate can help produce dopamine, which in turn can help you learn and remember more information.

Some may need to follow all the tips given, while others may only have to adopt a few. However, if you currently find yourself in a sense of bewilderment when it comes to recalling information, then it may be worth taking a step back and considering what changes we can introduce moving forward.

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