5 ways Data Analysis can benefit the Online Gambling Industry

Since the launch of the first online gambling website in 1994, the online gambling industry has come a long way towards full digitization with many new demographics now playing uk slots online. Modern casinos are focusing data analysis in order to personalize games for a variety of players and accurately determine odds. A majority of industry players have hired data analysts who can propel their casinos to the next level, and so far, they have successfully done so. Here are 5 ways Data Analysis can benefit the Online Gambling Industry:

  1. Helps in the development of better gambling strategies

In recent years, online gambling has become much more than playing simple card games. As a favorite past time for many players, the use of data analysis has attracted more gamblers to online websites. They are then empowered by useful information that will help them in building effective gambling strategies. For instance, data analysis makes it better to track worldwide poker games. As such, gamblers can use other players’ statistics to find out how others won or lost, and also better their own game.

  1. Assists with the prediction of outcomes

Online gambling casinos have realized that data analysis can help them in predicting accurate outcomes (in 90% of the cases) thus winning more money. This is done by analyzing the playing tactics or data sets of both teams and placing a bet on the team with the better track record. This gets more players involved in the process and attracts them to a variety of online gambling casinos. The prediction of outcomes is highly appealing because it gives players extra winnings and boosts their game.

  1. Improves online casino marketing

Casino marketing has always been the best way for online casinos to attract average players. Online gambling enables casinos to receive a huge amount of customer data. This automatically improves marketing campaign results. This information has also made it possible for players to find the games they prefer. It’s often the case that casinos target specific games that they know their players love, for example starburst slot game and Fluffy Favourites by Eyecon Gaming. In the long run, this cultivates customer loyalty because players will always consult the site before making gambling decisions.

  1. Promotes better customer service

Whether it is on the phone or through chats, it is often frustrating to deal with an inhuman bot which serves as a customer service representative. Fortunately, data analysis is replacing these computerized bots by easily analyzing information about a customer’s specific gambling habits. Therefore, personalized answers are delivered more quickly and players can get assistance from a highly-skilled customer agent who will instantly address any issues that you may have.

  1. Detects gambling fraudsters

There is no doubt that gambling means big business. According to statistics, online gambling casinos rake in billions on an annual basis. Cheating is also a big money maker for fraudsters who find ways to deceive the house. Over the past decade, people have found ways to cheat slot machines in online gambling casinos. Data analysis has made it possible for smarter machines to instantly detect players who are cheating and automatically bans them from playing various gambling games. As such, online casinos will only have honest players who enjoy their winnings.

4 Reasons Why Your Financial Tech Startup Needs Visual Marketing

No matter how small or big a product may be; every customer can be infatuated with too little or too many choices to make an informed decision. When fin-tech start ups need to capture the attention of customers, there is no better way than through visual marketing which is one of the best marketing techniques for your website.

Here are 4 reasons why your financial tech startup needs visual marketing.

Quick Dissemination of Concept

When someone wants to know about the concept, they have two options: a quick 3-minute video that summarizes the information or a ten-page document that explains the concept thoroughly. Which option would you choose?

Nobody wants to spend more time on something than they should. That is why it is important to understand the concept quickly. This is where visual marketing comes in. Visuals are processed faster than text and have the ability to attract more customers in less amount of time.

Make a Long-Lasting Impression

As human beings are attracted to visuals, we tend to remember 80% more of what we see rather than what we read. That is why is it crucial to make use the visual approach in marketing as it will ensure that your brand reaches the attention of your target market.

Simply the Concept of the Business

Consumers are not always familiar with technical and business, especially when combined. To make things easier for clients, project a quick and easy image that is approachable. Use visual elements that will take the focus away from the complex issues and direct the reader’s attention towards the true value of the startup.

Capture the Younger Generation

As the younger generation is already intrigued by financial tech, their attention needs to be focused on your business. Today, the popular tech sites of Instagram and YouTube have lead us to assume that they respond to visual communication versus text. Readers need to be shown what they’re getting within 140 characters and how it can add value to their lives. Visual media is able to do just that.


Visual marketing will enhance the value of a startup. Whether you are looking to increase your customer base, secure funds, or beat competition, visual marketing will provide amazing results.