These cool gadgets are a must for home workers

We love gadgets, and we love gadgets that help out when it comes to life even more. One of the areas that gadgets can really be beneficial is for home workers. People who work from home face a particular set of challenges that can take a toll on their productivity, motivation and even their mood. But what they might not realise is that there have been companies out there who are dedicated to making sure that things are a little bit easier.

This is why there has been a number of gadgets developed that are designed with one thing in mind, helping remote workers.

Here are some of the coolest and most popular gadgets out there.

Think Board

Do you need to jot down notes during a meeting, or perhaps you have clients, customers or even colleagues in your home office from time to time? A Think Board is a great alternative to a standard white board, working much the same it offers you a place to write and draw, but it is fully portable, which means that you can move it around and stick it anywhere that you need it. Best of all, it doesn’t leave the surface sticky either!

Remote wireless video monitor mbp36s

If you are a parent who is working from home, then one of the coolest gadgets that you can own is one that lets you get on with your work, whilst still being able to watch your little one. If they are having a nap and you need to be in another room, then the Remote wireless video monitor mbp36s will allow you to watch them through a video link, making sure that all is okay with them.


We all hate when we finally get to enjoy that hot drink only to find that it is less than hot anymore. The Wottle is your answer. Not only is it a pretty cool water bottle in its own right, but it is also a power bank and a hand warmer too. It keeps your drinks warm for hours and is ideal for when you need to shut yourself away and really focus on your work, but also really need a coffee whilst you do it.

Amazon Echo

Are you the type of person who finds themselves distracted by surfing the web to find the news or weather? Or do you waste time trying to find a playlist on your phone? If this is true for you then your home office space could definitely benefit from an Echo? Fully voice activated, you will be more than surprised by what your Echo can do. Whether it is tell you what the traffic is like or play your favourite songs, it is ideal for those that can’t tear themselves away from their computer.

Wireless Charging Mat

Find that your tablet or phone keeps running out of battery, need it next to you but don’t like having cables all over your desk? Why not invest in a wireless charging mat, not only do they charge up your device, but they stop you having to deal with cables everywhere, they look pretty cool too!

A portable scanner

Do you need to scan in receipts or any other loose documents to keep track of business costs? If you do, then you could really benefit from a portable scanner. It takes any document and allows you to run down the page, scanning it, before transferring it into a digital copy. This is ideal for those people who need to keep receipts or signed documentation but haven’t the space for a hardcopy.

A doorbell camera

Knowing who is at the door can be a big help when you are working from home, particularly if you are waiting for a delivery or a client to visit and don’t want to miss them thinking it is a cold caller. Having a doorbell camera means that you can see who is there and most of these gadgets are compatible with your tablet or smartphone.

An air purifier

Being holed up in an office for the most part of the day, breathing in the same air, isn’t good for us. If you are not able to open a window, perhaps due to allergies, noise or it being really cold, then it might be worthwhile investing in an air purifier, this will take the air in the room and give it a good old clean, meaning that you will be able to breathe fresh air and keep yourself feeling 100%.

The Upright Smart Posture Trainer

One of the biggest problems for anyone who works at a computer has to be their posture. This means that a gadget which is designed to help your posture is going to be a big hit. This tiny, yet mighty little tool is stuck to your back and it will teach you to try and sit up straighter during the day. Over time it will become second nature and your back will really thank you for making this change.

An under desk work out

We all know that we should be as active as we can to stay healthy, but when you are busy working from home this can be tricky. Rather than worry that you are missing out on vital steps, you can install an under desk work out machine such as Cubii. These are designed to help you to move your legs whilst you are sat down, giving your muscles a workout and keeping you active without having to leave your desk at all!

These gadgets are not only super cool, but they are incredibly useful for your home office space too. So, whether you work from a desk in your dining room or you have a dedicated room all to yourself, why not see if a gadget can help make working from home that little bit easier for you?

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